DIRTY LETTERS CHRISTY CANYON – Open it up and find out what awaits. Someone’s been sending Christy dirty letters, and they’re making her juices run. Can she overcome her filthy desires, or will she succumb to the will of her admirers? This classic film is sure to get you busting your nut in no time when you watch the lovely Christy Canyon live out her secret dirty letters. WATCH DIRTY LETTERS AT THE NO.1 CLASSIC FAN SITE PORNSTARCLASSICS.COM



STARRING: Sue Lion, Christy Canyon, Ali Moore, Pamela Jennings, Nicole West, Josephine Carrington, Marc Wallice, Greg Derek, Craig Roberts
Studio: Caballero Video
Director: Michael Carpenter
Approximate Running Time: 01:21:17

Thanks for the Mammaries


Take a lascivious peek at what goes on backstage at a bawdy burlesque house. You’ll be singing THANKS FOR THE MAMMARIES, when you take a look at these bodaciously endowed professionals! First meet sex starved stripper Patti Plenty and her humongous hangers! A baggy pants comedian (Nick Random) quickly discovers a little sweet talk is the key to a love feast with Patti. And Patti’s co-star Debbie (Buffy Davis) isn’t doing badly either. She and her horny boyfriend (Kevin James) do it everywhere… even on stage! Plus, there’s lots more sex-action…and even Kitten Natividad! If you like your women big, bold, and bubbly, this one’s for you!

Blast from the past

Why do people like retro porn?
Retro Porn
Do you know why people like old school sex scenes? The answer may vary. Some people say that only vintage videos and pictures show the natural beauty of girls. Retro fluffy-haired babes didn’t have silicone breasts, bikini design, fake tan, and plastic surgery.

Besides, in retro pornography sex scenes were real and passionate. There was less acting and more emotions because men and women didn’t need to act to earn money – they truly enjoyed having sex! And they actually had skills.

Another reason that some people are looking for classic porn is to bring to light experiences from the past. It is a well known fact that fetishes begin in early years. A lot of men believe that girls from their dad’s old porn magazines were the most beautiful.

Of course, some part of retro porn website members is simply curious. They want to see what porn was like in the old days and compare it to today’s content. All these factors are important to take into consideration when you are promoting classic/vintage/retro porn websites. You have to know what audience to target.

• Retro porn – until 50s
• Vintage porn – 70s
• Classic porn – 80s
When it comes to the Internet, fans of old-fashioned adult content pay attention not just to the photos or videos the site offers, but also to its design. It should reflect the type of content it has. That’s why a lot of adult webmasters use elegant black and white shots and special fonts to snag potential customers. Top sites such as CaballeroClassics.com for Retro Swedish Erotica porn movies or Pornstarclassics.com classic porn movies

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Sharon Mitchell porn star classic movies

Sharon Mitchell is a true legend of the porn industry, with a no bullshit attitude. She’s great and bed and bring a lot of energy to every scene she’s in. She started filming in 1975 and has done hundreds of films since then. She has been directing for the past couple years but can still fuck like a banshee when she needs to. In 88′ she was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame, and she was given a Lifetime Achievement award by the Free Speech Coalition in 1993. She starred in Adam & Eve’s House Party 2, Generation Sex, while still growing for herself attending school to become a sexual therapist. From all the years in from of the camera, she has plenty of experience.

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Peter North porn legend

Peter North – For over 20 years Canadian-born Peter North has been one of the most reliable performers in porn, with youthful good looks and a body sculpted almost to perfection from long hours spent in the gym. His career began in the days when porn movies were take-offs of legit films; they had plots, dialogue, (relatively) hefty budgets and were meant to be seen in theaters.

He is still going strong today, a holdover (but not a “relic”) from the “good old days” in the era of straight-to-video, low-budget rush jobs with no acting, no plot and actors and actresses covered in tattoos. Few porn actors have (or most likely ever will have) a resume as extensive as Peter’s. Fewer actors can boast that they have been intimate on screen with as many of the superstars of porn as he has, such women as Trinity Loren, Jill Kelly, Christy Canyon, Keisha, Taylor Wayne, Rebecca Wild, Kim McKamy (aka Ashlyn Gere), Victoria Paris, Jewel De’Nyle, and even (on several occasions) the legendary – and, at the time, underage – Traci Lords. North’s enduring popularity has spanned generations of porn fans, both male and female, and even after all these years he still continues to impress and amaze both fans and co-workers with his “range”.

Trade Mark

The quality and quantity of his “money” shots. See all Peter North’s “Money Shots” only at Caballeroclassics.com

A millionaire, Peter North lives in Orange County, an hour’s drive away from Porn Valley.

Thousands of dollars in debt, he entered porn to make money. Because they pay more, he did about two dozen gay videos. Using the name Matt Ramsey, he appeared in such gay adult films as “Backstrokes”, “Below the Belt”, The Bigger the Better (1984), Blow Bi Blow (1990) (V), “Boys of West Hollywood”, “The Company We Keep”, Cousins (1983), Euromen (1982), Getting It (1985), “Hot Off The Press”, “Interview”, Like a Horse (1984), “Master of Discipline”, A Matter of Size (1983), “More Mind Games”, “Sizing Up”, Switch Hitters 3 (1988) (V), Two Handfuls (1988) and “Young Gladiators”.

He has stated on his personal website, as well as in various video product lines that he owns, that (as of 2007) he makes approximately $100,000 a month.

Seka Erotic world

Released: November 19 2008
Web site: Pornstarclassics.com
Actors: Seka, Teena Pagon, Gina Geno, Michael Morrison, Brad Phelps, Bob Russo, Lysa Thatcher, Sofia Solana,
Studio: Lbo Entertainment
Length: 65+ Minutes
Description: VCR’s Erotic World Series is a specialty video line, exclusively highlighting the featured star’s most hushed fantasies, sexual dreams, and sensual sexcapades, and most assuredly boasts the screen’s wickedest women in rare form!
Original Release Date: 1980


Ginger Lynn Swedish Erotica

Caballero Classics Update movies:
Swedish Erotica
Added: November 16 2008
Actors: Christy Canyon, Seka, Andrea Lange, Jane Lindsay, Juliet Anderson, Marlene Munroe, Serena, John Holmes, Annette Haven, John Leslie, Mike Ranger, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Little Oral Annie, Buck Adams,
Studio: Caballero Video
Length: 220+ Minutes
Description: Even before there was video, there was Swedish Erotica. With millions of volumes sold world wide for over twenty years, with millions of volumes sold world wide for over twenty years, Swedish Erotica is the most successful film and vieo series of all time! 20 cum soaked scenes!
Original Release Date: 1981

Pornstarclassics.com movie updates:
Ginger Lynn
Ginger Lynn Fantasy World
Released: November 26 2008
Actors: Ginger Lynn, Erica Boyer, Christy Canyon, Barbii, Mark Wallace, Britany Stryker, Candi, Craig Roberts, John Stagliano,
Studio: Lbo Entertainment

Length: 65+ Minutes
Description: Ginger Lynn’s Fantasy World exposes the secret desires of the hottest sex stars in the world. Erica Boyer pulls out all the stops with co-star Scott Taylor in action that will leave you wet with excitement. Ginger Lynn fronts her all-girl band in a scorching version of her hit, rock video Fantasy World that keeps the good vibrations flowing. Busty Christy Canyon gets a flow of her own going as she takes on five, hot hunks at the same time.
Original Release Date: 1987

Swedish Erotica 4

Swedish Erotica 4
Actors: Eileen Wells, Juliet Anderson, Kyoto Sun, Sharon Kane, Veronica Pink, Virginia Winter, Billy Dee, John Holmes, Johnnie Keyes, Jonathon Younger, Paul Thomas, Robert Rose,

Studio: Caballero Video
Length: 220+ Minutes
Description: Even before there was video, there was Swedish Erotica. With millions of volumes sold world wide for over twenty years, with millions of volumes sold world wide for over twenty years, Swedish Erotica is the most successful film and vieo series of all time! 20 cum soaked scenes!! See more than 50 of the hottest horniest rauchiest x-rated superstars of all time!

Original Release Date: 1981