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Kay Parker and Juliet Andersen Taboo

Junior has arrived to return some tools he’d borrowed from Kay’s son Paul (star of the first Taboo movie, nowhere to be found in this one). At first she’s reluctant, but once she gets an eyeful of his cock she’s all over him (this is a recurring theme in this movie, see my earlier Taboo 2 post with Dorothy Lemay). Juliet whispers to Kay loudly enough for Junior to hear that Kay had previously fucked Paul, and on learning this he dives straight into her pussy. The three suck and…

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Rockin With Seka

She’s probably the most famous erotic actress ever, the insanely oversexed blonde goddess Seka. She loves boys, she loves girls, she loves herself… Face it, she just loves sex! She’s Blonde. She’s Built. She’s Beautiful. See why she’ll always get our vote as the nastiest of the nasty! Seka we love you and so does everyone else too!

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