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Porn stars of the 1970s and 1980s: Where they are now?

They came, defined a business of the 19702 and 1980s porn movies. Many of the biggest stars from the adult film industry’s, Golden Age — an era when VHS launched pornography into a multi-million dollar business — have come and gone, but are still huge and will live forever. But others are still plugging away. Here is deep look at some of vintage porn’s leading actors and where they are now: Ron Jeremy                                  …

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Horny Temptress 1980s porn movie update 1980's Adult Stars Big boobs Big Tits Classic Porn Classic Porn Movies Vintage Porn 

Horny Temptress

Horny Temptress classic porn movie update Filled with some amazing stars and comedy from the 1980s golden age of classic porn.  This vintage gem has some of the very best porn stars from the 1980s. Studio: Classic X Stars: Ron Jeremy, Erica Boyer, Merle Michaels, Christie Ford, Jerry Butler, Michael Knight, Dave Ruby, Juliet Anderson, R. Bolla, George Payne, Bobbie Burns, Mike Filene, John Lance, Myrna Lamb, Clint Lockley

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San Fernando Valley Girls

San Fernando Valley Girls This is a species known as a Valley Girl; we’ll call her Tiffany. The fact that Tiffany is a girl that lives in the Valley is not enough to make her a Valley Girl. Valley Girls or a “Vals” — as they are more commonly referred to — are a highly complex breed made up of definable attitudes, speech patterns and dress. Let’s start with the packaging. And so, when all is said and done, Valley Girls are not all that different than other girls, I…

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Vista Valley P.T.A

Vista Valley P.T.A. Jesie St. James is the next in a long line of teachers to take on a troubled class of high schoolers in a small town with a beautiful suburban exterior that hides an underbelly of dysfunctional relationships, sexual deviancy and profound rebellion. Knowing that the last two teachers in her position were raped. Ms. Martin implements her strong personality in a bold attempts to bring order to the town. Despite her noble efforts, Ms. Martin finds herself in a twisted web of sin, seduction and sex.VISTA VALLEY…

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Taboo 2 : The Story Continues

Taboo 2 : The Story Continues -“An instant hit! This sequel actually packs more of an erotic wallop than the original, including better production values and acting. It has everything — an all-star cast enhanced by numerous gorgeous new-comers, and enough thermal energy to create a veritable tidal wave of unbridled sensuality. It’s a true sequel, with Kay Parker and her mammoth breasts getting ample screen time, and that cute redhead Dorothy LeMay getting the Starring role. ‘Sinema’ at its finest. “Cecil B. DeMille had his biblical epics, John Ford…

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Erotic Fantasies: John Leslie

Erotic Fantasies: John Leslie – Check out one of the most prolific cocks in porn history, Watch Erotic Fantasies John Lesile at the no.1 classic porn fan site PORNSTARCLASSICS.COM John Leslie, as he pounds away on a few of the hottest pussies of the day. Dorothy LeMay, Juliet Anderson and Lisa DeLeeuw are just a few of the gorgeous bodies John has had the honor of screwing. This is Cal Vista’s notorious Erotic Fantasies. This a collection of the best scenes starring the greatest actors. This is John Leslie at…

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Taboo the movie

Taboo the movie – Watch at PORNSTARCLASSICS.COM Taboo The Original Classic (starring Kay Parker, Dorothy LeMay & Mike Ranger) Kay Parker is Barbara Scott. Taboo DVD video She lives as housewife and mother, until her husband leaves her for his young secretary, leaving Barbara and her son to live on their own. Taboo movie After unsettling events lead her into a divorcee’s life of blind dates and meaningless swinger parties, she becomes lost in a vortex of lust & passion for her young son Paul. Starring: Kay Parker, Mike Ranger,…

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Dixie Ray Hollywood Star

Dixie Ray Hollywood Star Description:  “Lisa De Leeuw stars as Dixie Ray, a one-time Hollywood starlet whose career has hit the fast track to nowheresville. Her star was on the rise, but now it’s a new era and the glitz and glamour have passed her by. Dixie’s attempting a comeback, but it’s threatened when her ex-husband starts passing around some old nudie shots of her. She hires private eye John Leslie to track down her ex-hubby, get the pics and put and end to the blackmail attempt. Before you can…

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