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Russian Roulette 1970S 1980's Adult Stars Big boobs Big Tits Classic Porn Classic Porn Movies Vintage Porn 

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette Adult DVD Description: “All using sex and whatever means are available to them to obtain unbridled power and riches! But first they have to face the ultimate gamble! “Starring: Victoria Paris, Houston, Marc Wallice, Alec Metro, Valeria, Tiffany Million, Mike Horner, T.T. Boy, Dick Nasty, Blake Mitchell, Nick East. Rated: XXX Fetish: Oral By: LBO Entertainment Director: Jean Pierre Ferrand PRIVATE MEMBERS ACCESS HERE

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Bodies In Heat 2 1980's Adult Stars Big boobs Big Tits Classic Porn Classic Porn Movies Porn star classics Pornstar Legends Vintage Porn 

Bodies In Heat 2

Bodies In Heat 2 movie plot: Sharon Kane is a detective who specializes in undercover investigations with steamy sexual undercurrents. This time she’s been sent to work in a brothel and to try to sort out a pair of mysteries. First, she’s investigating the mysterious disappearance of fellow detective Herschel Savage. Then she’s supposed to find out why Annette Haven is running the brothel, and why she’s doing it under an assumed name — there’s some suspicion she may have bumped off her husband to get control. Sharon is the…

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Sexual Instinct - movie Adult Stars Big Tits Classic Porn Porn star classics Pornstar Legends 

Sexual Instinct – movie update

Sexual Instinct – movie update – Sometimes you just have to go with your instincts, and when you’re delicious Ashlyn Gere, that means delving into your wildest sexual desires. Ashlyn plays a struggling painter whose nude subjects are starting to populate her dreams. Each dream is more stunningly steamy than the last, until she can’t take it anymore and needs to take matters (and a few lucky friends) into her own capable hands. Meanwhile, her erotic works of art are causing gallery owner Jon Dough and his sexy secretary Cassidy…

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Keisha and 1980's Adult Stars Big boobs Big Tits Classic Porn Classic Porn Movies Vintage Porn 

Keisha and Company

Keisha and Company Gorgeous, busty and always ready for action, Keisha was one of the most exciting and enticing women on the 80s porn scene. This searing compilation collects some of her most memorable scenes in one pulse-pounding package. Salacious segments from some of her best-known co-stars help round out the ravishing ribaldry. It’s Keisha who’s the main draw, though, and she shares her luscious natural curves with viewers in six sizzling scenes of out-and-out erotic perfection. Among the highlights is Keisha’s ravenous hot tub humdinger with Peter North, and…

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Pretty Peaches 3 - The Quest | 1970S 1980's Adult Stars Big boobs Big Tits Classic Porn Classic Porn Movies Porn star classics Pornstar Legends Vintage Porn 

Pretty Peaches 3 – The Quest

Pretty Peaches 3 – The Quest – WATCH FREE NOW HERE Meet Peaches. She’s left home on a quest for spiritual enlightenment. What she finds on her journey isn’t exactly spiritual, but it’s definitely enlightening. The best yet from, Alex deRenzy the award-winning creator of PRETTY PEACHES 1 & 2! This classic is loaded with scenes showing off the porn of the 80’s. Stars: Priscilla Love, Tianna (i), Tami Monroe, Tracey Adams, Lynn LeMay, Rachel Ryan, Vicki Blair, Keisha, Fifi Bardot, Victoria Paris, Gene Carrera, Marc Wallice, Don Fernando, Jon…

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Lost Angel_classic porn dvd_vintage porn dvd_porn star classics update 1970S 1980's Adult Stars Big boobs Big Tits Classic Porn Classic Porn Movies Vintage Porn 

Lost Angel

Lost Angel Super Star classic with Angel, Amber Lynn and Nina Hartley! Starring: Nina Hartley, Angel, Amber Lynn, Karen Summer, Gina Valentino, Debbie Areola, Tina Sovell, Mike Horner, Jack Sprat PRIVATE MEMBERS ACCESS HERE NOW

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born-to-be-bad-classic-porn-film-year-1987 1970S 1980's Adult Stars Big boobs Big Tits Classic Porn Classic Porn Movies Porn star classics Pornstar Legends Vintage Porn 

Born to Be Bad – 1987 year – classic porn movie

Born to Be Bad – 1987 year – classic porn movie Year: 1987 Country: US Language: English Actress: Nina Hartley, Sharon Mitchell, Erica Boyer, Porsche Lynn, Viper, Debbie Areola Actors: Tom Byron, John Leslie, Mike Horner, Buddy Love, Ray Wells, Rex Nemo Director: Bob Vosse Distributor: KBeech PRIVATE MEMBERS AREA ACCESS Categories: Lesbian, Facial, Bald, Anal Sexual sibling rivalry heats up when a woman’s motorcycle gang pulls up to her girl’s small-town bar. Scene Breakdowns Scene 1. Porsche Lynn, Tom Byron Scene 2. Viper, John Leslie Scene 3. Nina Hartley,…

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Sensual Seduction, classic porn dvd, vintage porn dvd, porn star classics, classic porn stars, top porn star classics 1970S 1980's Adult Stars Big boobs Big Tits Classic Porn Classic Porn Movies Porn star classics Pornstar Legends Vintage Porn 

Sensual Seduction

Sensual Seduction How long has it been since you used all of your senses in enhancing your erotic adventures? Can you remember the last time that you really looked at yourself or your partner instead of a flickering screen to get turned on? And when was the last time you used your fingertips the way that they were meant to be used, as precision instruments of pleasure? The first step to achieving an above-average sex life is to re-awaken the senses. This gifted cast of top name performers will show…

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Whispered Lies, classic porn dvd, xxx vintage porn movies, retro porn stars, porn star classics 1970S 1980's Adult Stars Big boobs Big Tits Classic Porn Classic Porn Movies Porn star classics Pornstar Legends Vintage Porn 

Whispered Lies

Whispered Lies ,Adult DVD Description: “Some real effort went into the costumes and sets of this Victorian-era potboiler. The video’s sumptuous period look is complemented by some of the most stunning, scrumptious women in hardcore. Leggy looker Leena shines in the lead role, playing a young woman who’s chafing against the strict boundaries placed on her by society. Her father’s arranged for her to be married off to rich landowner Mike Horner — in exchange for writing off some sizable debts that he owes. But Leena’s in love with studly…

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The Last Temptations of Kristi 1970S 1980's Adult Stars Big boobs Big Tits Classic Porn Classic Porn Movies Porn star classics Pornstar Legends Vintage Porn 

The Last Temptations of Kristi

The Last Temptations of Kristi That sweet smell of success…what will people do for a whiff of it? This video is an intriguing expose which examines the excruciating climb up the corporate ladder. Each rung of that ladder is filled with irresistible lust and desire. So the higher they climb, the harder they ball; and ball they do Starring: Aja, Lynn LeMay, Nina Hartley, Mike Horner, Randy West, Blake Palmer, Chad Randolph, Charli St. Cyre, Kristi Leigh and Robert Bullock Studio: Just Fine Productions Runtime: 76 minutes

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Full moon fever – classic porn movie

Full Moon Fever – classic porn movie  PRIVATE MEMBERS AREA ACCESS There’s something mysterious about a full moon. Some say it tends to bring out the loneliness in people. Those who are alone pine over the ideal lover they’ve never had, while others yearn for the tough of the imperfect lover they’ve lost. Then there are those who think a full moon is magic… it’s nocturnal light there solely to illuminate the path for lovers looking for each other and yet others swear that a full moon just makes people…

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Swinging in the rain

Swinging in the rain – added 5/9/2015 PRIVATE MEMBERS ACCESS HERE ! Swinging Rain News Flash! 1927, Hollywood, California. Swinging Rain porn The Horny Brothers have just released the first adult “talkie” entitled “The Jazz Swinger”! Now, in order to compete in the dirty movie biz. Swinging Rain DVD video ParaMounds Dirty Pictures will have their top director Cecil B. Swinging Rain movie DeBalls turn his next blue movie into an ALL SINGING, ALL DANCING, ALL SCREWING sexual extravaganza! It will star the studio’s hottest silent movie sex team, Gina…

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Unveiled – FREE PPV WATCH UNVEILED HERE NOW ! VCA Studios is here to take you all the way back to 1986! Unveiled is an outstanding classic movie featuring some of the top porn stars from back in the day! Check out stars and starlets like Erica Boyer, Alexis Greco, Krista Lane, Nikki Knight, Patti Petite, Taija Rae, Billy Dee, David Scott, Francois, Jason riley and Mike Horner. Stars: Patti Petite, Krista Lane, Nikki Knight, Alexis Greco, Erica Boyer, Taija Rae, Billy Dee, Mike Horner, Francois, David Scott, Jason Riley…

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SECOND SKIN – FREE PPV WATCH SECOND SKIN HERE NOW ! is a sultry drama with some perky breasted women being fucked out of revenge for their husbands not being ‘in the mood.’ Mobsters in group sex, two men-one woman, two women-one man, a scene where the hotty gets three loads of cum, a gun gets waved around and a twist at the end that is not resolved. Stars: Pamela Rose, April West, Charli St. Cyre, Cheri Taylor, Ona Zee, Richard Pacheco, Damien Cashmere, Jamie Gillis, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera…

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San Fernando Valley Girls

San Fernando Valley Girls This is a species known as a Valley Girl; we’ll call her Tiffany. The fact that Tiffany is a girl that lives in the Valley is not enough to make her a Valley Girl. Valley Girls or a “Vals” — as they are more commonly referred to — are a highly complex breed made up of definable attitudes, speech patterns and dress. Let’s start with the packaging. And so, when all is said and done, Valley Girls are not all that different than other girls, I…

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The Return Of Teenage Christy Canyon

The Return Of Teenage Christy Canyon – Big Tit Superstars Of The 80’s! 1980’s.120m. Christy Canyon, Peter North, Mike Horner, Ron Jeremy, Heather Wayne, Rick savage. Few porn stars are as fresh, alluring and downright cock hardening as the young 18 and 19 year old Christy Canyon was when she began stopping hearts in her earliest porn performances. Just what the fuck were those huge tits doing on that leggy slender body?. Why is a chick this hot doing porno in the first place?. Where did she get that endless…

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