Detroit Dames

Detroit Dames
Angel Kelly is a Detroit 'home girl' who leads a group of sex-crazed young black women around the back streets of motor city looking for sex. And they find it, lots of it in fact, with big ol' black guys like F.M. Bradley. That action is hotter than a Cadillac factory in August, and the abandon with which the stars go to their work is a thing to behold. What Detroit Dames does best is convey the sweaty black sensuality of Angel and such lesser-known starlets as Taffy and Dymond Cartier. With beautiful photography that captures all of the ladies' glistening caramel and deep chocolate skin tones, Detroit Dames celebrates black women in all of their sensual glory. Angel Kelly's performance is of course sublime, but this is also a chance to check out the work of some seldom seen black talent, like the exquisite Taffy and Cheri Lai Me. A superb all-black sex feature with little in the way of plot to slow things down
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Rated: XXX
Check Inventory: Historical Reference
Run Time: 73 min.
By: Dreamland Videos