K.C. Williams

K.C. Williams was born on January 10, 1970 in California, USA as Tracy Wolfe. She is known for her work on The Pamela Principle (1992). Porn Star K.C. Williams is a good-looking Southern California blonde who has been sexing it up on screen since late 1990. K.C. Williams is a striking woman who has the wind-swept look of a latter-day Farrah-Fawcett-type and a volcanic sexuality all her own. K.C. Williams has gone from a brassy platinum blonde look to a softer, more subdued strawberry blonde in her time in the business. K.C. Williams used to have the small-breasted body of a budding teenager, but after some time in the industry she hopped on the silicone bandwagon and had her boobs pumped up to their current 36C size.
K.C. Williams was born in California in 1970 and first got into porn at the age of 20. She instantly won over legions of fans with her perky personality and affectionate way with a sex scene. K.C. carnal romps are always energetic and joyful -- she one starlet who doesn't forget that sex is supposed to be fun, after all. K.C. Williams has dated porn stud Randy West for a time, and any scene that the two of them have together is a sure bet for some real sexual chemistry.
K.C. Williams usually comes across as sweet and adorable, but if the role calls for it, she can become as nasty and raw as any blonde starlet in the biz. Her cheerleader looks have landed her scores of those type of cutsie-pie roles, but K.C. Williams is a decent actress and can handle just about any role that porn producers throw her way. K.C. Williams is a really sweet treat who livens up any flick she appears in with a smile that won't quit and a body not likely to stall out on you, either.
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