Lisa De Leeuw

Lisa DeLeeuw
De Leeuw started her hardcore career in the late 1970s with a number of Swedish Erotica shorts that thrust her into the porn spotlight. At first reluctant, she eventually decided to give it a shot, and made her debut in the classic 800 Fantasy Lane (1979). She quickly became a favorite with fans, who appreciated her lush body, wild mane of red hair and voracious performances.
She appeared in almost 200 films from what is now called the "Golden Age" of porn (1970-1985), and was one of the first performers to sign an exclusive contract with major adult production company Vivid Video. She became well known for performing anal and double penetration scenes, which were much less common in that era than they have become.
She was inducted into both the X-Rated Critics' Organization Hall of Fame and the AVN Hall of Fame.
She also played the main role in the B movie It's Called Murder, Baby (1982), although it was later re-edited into a porn version called Dixie Ray Hollywood Star (1983).
De Leeuw reportedly had died from AIDS in 1993 as the IMDB and numerous other sources claim. It has been alleged in numerous sources that she possibly had been infected with the disease by porn star John Holmes. However, the last time she had worked with Holmes was in 1981, and it is believed that he did not contract the disease until the mid 1980s. This claim would have made her the first reported female porn star from porn's golden age period (from about the mid 1970s to the mid/late 1980s) to die from the disease.
Dead or alive?
Numerous other reports and rumors had De Leeuw still alive, such as a Facebook post, which has such reports as one stating that De Leeuw was still alive, married and with children in Asheville, North Carolina, and another, allegedly from former porn director David Jennings that she was still alive as recent as 2000.  Headpress 25 (2003) had reportedly noted that DeLeeuw died of complications from AIDS on November 11, 1993. But in the book Skinflicks: The Inside Story of the X-Rated Video Industry (2000), Jennings, describing the stigma and rumors surrounding AIDS in the porn community in the late 1980s and early 1990s, had wrote, "Reputed to be dead of AIDS, Lisa DeLeeuw and Brandy Alexandre, now out of the industry, proclaimed themselves alive and healthy.