Angel - Born: Jennifer James
Long considered by many to be the single most classically, naturally beautiful woman to ever hit the porn industry, Angel burst onto the scene in 1984. Her freshness, her infectious smile and giggle, her enthusiasm, and - most importantly - her heart-stopping beauty and flawless, non-enhanced, virtually perfectly proportioned body mesmerized all
From her debut performance in the film Pretty Girl, Porn Star Angel has captivated audiences with her incomparable beauty. Featured in only about 25 movies made between 1984 and 1989, Angel still holds great fascination for any connoisseur of adult entertainment. It's not that she was such a great actress or even that she could stun you by performing some unforgettable sexual feat, it's simply that this woman is one of the most naturally beautiful ladies to ever allow herself to be filmed while in the throws of passion.
It was this rare beauty that allowed Angel the honor of being one of the very few X-rated stars to be featured Pet of the Month for Penthouse magazine AFTER staring in adult films . Sometimes working under the names Brandee and Jennifer Jones, some of Angel's best work can be seen in films such as Matinee Idol, Tower of Power and L'Amour. And although Angel of the Island, Angel of the Night and Angel's Back commonly noted as her best videos, anything this gorgeous brunette touched is definitely worth watching.
1. Classic Passion - 4 Pack N/A
2. Swedish Erotica Ginger Lynn # 81 N/A
3. Annie Sprinkle Triple Feature N/A
4. Princess Seka (1980)
5. Centerfold Fever (1981)
6. Too Hot To Touch (1984)
7. Matinee Idol (1984)
8. Angel of the Night (1985)
9. Blonde Heat (1985)
10. Heisse Blutige (1985)
11. For Your Thighs Only (1985)
12. Three Faces Of Angel (1986)
13. Holiday for Angels (1987)
14. Honky Tonk Angels (1988)
15. Only The Best Of Women With Women (1988)
16. Ginger Rides Again (1988)
17. Angel Rising (1988)
18. Lost Angel (1989)
19. Undercover Angel (1989)
20. Angel Of The Island (1989)