Peter North

Peter North - Date of birth: 11 May 1957
Peter North is a true porn legend in his own time, a man whose insatiable sexual appetites and knack for plentiful money shots has gotten him work in well over 1000 features since his 1985 debut. Peter's a well-muscled hunk with perfect hair, a ladykilling smile and the clean-scrubbed good looks of a pornographic superhero. He's a completely carnal creature who seems to exude sexuality from the moment he appears on screen.Peter's been one of the most in-demand porn actors from the time he hit the business, due in equal parts to his looks and his prodigious skills as a woodsman. His acting skills have never been strong, but Peter has made his name through pure lusty action. He won the first three Fans of X-Rated Entertainment Favorite Male Awards, and would probably still be winning them today if the organization didn't cut off performers' eligibility after three victories. Peter's the most popular and well-known of all modern-day studs, and a starlet knows she's hit the big leagues when she gets paired up with him.
Peter is a multi-talented stud who has appeared in a number of gay features under the name Peter North. It's his straight work that has made him a star, though. His work in the 'Pick Up Lines' series has made that one of the most popular lines in recent years, and his work in flicks like 'Sodomania 2' and 'Hot Tight Asses 14' prove that he hasn't lost a step. A member of both the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame, Peter North is one of the most well respected and popular male porn stars in hardcore history.
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