Centerfold Fever

Sizzling Centerfold starlets from all the best nudie magazines just jump off the pages and onto your screen. Watch beautiful Kandi Barbour measure porn stud Marc Stevens talent as Ron Jeremy searches for the perfect Centerfold girl. Witness as newcomer Tiffany Clark finds herself into a torrid tryst with boobiferous Lisa B. See sensational Samantha Fox go to a movie theater when the action in the audience is wilder than what is on the screen.
Director: Richard Milner
Approximate Running Time: 01:18:58
Released: 1981


Distribpix / Video-X-Pix


Dusty Lust, Susaye London, Angel, Susan Nero, Veri Knotty, Robin Sane, Lisa Be, Sharon, Jahn Gold, Samantha Fox, Marilyn Gee, Colette Conner, Annie Sprinkle, Jill Munroe, Bobbi Bell, Tiffany Clark, Bobbie Burns, Kandi Barbour, Kathy Harcourt, Mike Feline, Alan Adrian, Bobby Astyr, R. Bolla, Roy Stuart, Ron Jeremy, Marc Valentine, David Morris, Joey Silvera, Marc Stevens, Jack Teague,