Copper Penny

Although she's got the name of Copper Penny, there's nothing cheap about this lusty lady. Porn Star Copper Penny's got an air of class about her, a way of keeping her dignity intact even when she's engaged in the wildest of sex acts. Copper Penny got her first name from the shock of natural red hair that fell down her shoulders, a beautiful head of hair that was her most striking feature.
Copper Penny's body was a small-breasted and hard-bodied wonder, and she always let herself go completely when she was in front of the cameras. Copper Penny debuted in hardcore in 1978's 'Boiling Point,' heating things up with her fiery approach to sex scenes. Copper Penny shot one more sex film that year, then disappeared until 1982, when she romped her way through six more lusty features, including her best film, 'House Of Sin.' Copper Penny's three-some with Ashley Moore and Honey Stevens is the erotic high point of the film. Another of Copper Penny's best performances is her steamy lesbian turn with Chelsea Manchester in '82's 'The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita.'
Copper Penny then retired from the business again, only to turn up five years later for a one-shot oral examination of Kevin James in 1987's 'Taking It To The Streets.' Copper Penny showed that she still had everything it takes to climb to the top of the porn scene, but that was to be her last on-screen appearance. Copper Penny's nine completed films are an enduring testament to her lusty career.