Dorothy LeMay

Dorothy LeMay - born February 14, 1954
Porn Star Dorothy LeMay first hit hardcore screens way back in the mid-1970's, appearing in flicks like 'Female Athletes' and 'Bad Company,' where she was little more than a hard-working supporting player. It wasn't until the dawn of the 80's that Dorothy LeMay really hit her carnal stride. But once Dorothy LeMay found her erotic niche, she became one of the all-time fan favorites.Dorothy LeMay was a busty little vixen with a curvaceous, scrumptious figure and a pretty, wide-jawed face that seemed to exude sexual longing. Dorothy LeMay was a very good actress who could handle any role that porn threw at her. Dorothy LeMay first hit the big time with her tour-de-force performance in 1981's 'Nightdreams,' a very strange film involving a sexually frustrated wife's erotic fantasies coming to life. Dorothy LeMay was called on to carry the film, appearing in every sex scene. Dorothy LeMay not only pulled it off, but she crafted one of the best erotic performances of the decade.
Dorothy LeMay's fame soared, and she grabbed roles in such erotic classics as 'Taboo,' 'Taboo II,' and 'Talk Dirty To Me.' Dorothy LeMay retired from the business in 1982, having starred in just over 30 features. Any one of them is a good chance to catch one of the most believable, refreshingly natural erotic talents in porn history. 

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14. Talk Dirty to Me (1980)
15. Blondes Have More Fun (1981)
16. Trashi (1981)
17. Night Dreams (1981)
18. Physical (1981)
19. Memphis Cathouse Blues (1982)
20. Every Which Way She Can (1982)
21. Nightlife (1983)
22. With Love Annette (1985)
23. Tales of the Backside (1986)