Gina Janssen

Gina Janssen (* 1950 in Germany ) is a German - Danish actress , porn actress and nude model .
Janssen began her career as a nude model in German porn magazines before her start in the film industry. She gave her film debut in 1975 in the ninth episode of the Schulmädchen report , a popular German softerotics film series of the 1970s, in the role of Petra Klassmann . She starred in a young woman who married a mechanic named Horst too early, realizes that they both have nothing in common, and as a divorced woman catch up with their abitur. In the tenth episode, she played the role of Iris .
Later, a number of Danish porn films followed , partly in a softcore and a hardcore version. Between 1976 and 1978, she took on roles in three films by the Danish director Werner Hedman , who, like the German sex film director Hans Billian, always combined comedy with porn films. In 1976, she played a central role as house maid Yrsa in Hedman's Danish sex film The Riding School of Madame O , before she worked in hardcore strips. She also had major roles in Hedman's films Madame O and her very expensive girls (1977) and Agent 69 (1978). In the "Klamotte" Madame O and her all-expensive girl , with the talking roll-up name Mata Hari , she played one of the well-groomed co-workers of the "mad newsmaker" Scorpion, whose girls "constantly get into situations that force them to run in lingerie" ,
In the Sexfilm Janssen, a "lame comedy with dodgy dialogues," which took up the film motif of Kohlhiesel's daughters in an erotic variant, was the host of the sinful daughters , directed by Walter Boos and alongside Jacques Herlin , Who played one of her aging admirers, twins Lilly and Christl , who have made an inheritance in a double reel , but they only get it when they are both married. Janssen played "the one life-loving and sinful, as she has many admirers; The other clumsy and boring. " In 1978 she starred in the Sexfilm Student Report , a" softporno on the level of the report films " , the young blonde art student Nancy Chesterfield.
In the 1980s, she played a major role (the role of Lola Mendoza ) as the bisexual wife of Governor Mendoza , who seduced the young Tara ( Ursula Buchfellner ) and made herself ready for the imminent love affair with the governor, in the Sexploitation Film Sadomania - Hell of Lust 1981), directed by Jess Franco . Her last film role was in the sex film Funny boys and funny girls from 1984.