Hyapatia Lee

Hyapatia Lee (born November 11, 1960 of Cherokee and Irish descent) is a former American exotic dancer and pornographic actress. One-quarter Cherokee, she was the only Native American in the adult business during her tenure; this contributed to her becoming one of the most prolific pornographic actresses of the Golden Age of Porn
Lee was born as Victoria (Vicki) Lynch in Haughville, Indianapolis to teenaged parents. She attended the local high school, where she performed in several musicals. She developed dissociative identity disorder in her teenage years, following reported sexual abuse from her stepfather. She views Hyapatia as a particular personality that allowed her to perform. She met and married Bud Lee, with whom she bought land in rural southern Indiana, where she has lived since. The couple had two children, who were homeschooled by their mother at their Indiana home.
After winning the 1979 Miss Nude Galaxy contest in Roselawn, Indiana, its owner cast Lee in The Young Like It Hot (1983). Her movie debut happened though in Naughty Girls Need Love Too, also from 1983. In 1984, she appeared in the movie Sweet Young Foxes. Also in 1984, she appeared in Penthouse, in the same September 1984 record-breaking bestselling issue that exposed Miss America 1984, Vanessa Williams (although it became illegal to own since its Penthouse Pet was minor Traci Lords).
With time, her husband Bud joined the cast and crew of her films. Together they created the second-most-expensive pornographic film, The Ribald Tales of Canterbury (1985), with Bud Lee directing and Hyapatia Lee starring and screenwriting a version of Geoffrey Chaucer's classic The Canterbury Tales.
Hyapatia Lee left the porn scene between 1986 and 1989 and had two children, but she came back with a vengeance soon after. Hyapatia Lee proved that she hadn't missed a sexy step during her time off, turning in performances that were, if anything, hotter than before her layoff. Hyapatia Lee left the porn biz in late 1993, soon after the breakup of her marriage to Lee. Hyapatia Lee shows no signs of returning, but the industry has shown its appreciation for her erotic efforts. Hyapatia Lee was a 1993 entrant into the XRCO Hall of Fame, and in 1995 she won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Free Speech Coalition. She currently works as a feature dancer when she's not performing with her rock band W4IK.
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