Kay Parker

Kay Parker (born Kay Taylor 28 August 1944 in Birmingham) is an English New Age author and former pornographic actress, best known for her depictions of incest scenes in the Taboo series.
Kay Parker was reportedly introduced to the adult film industry during the late 1970s by actor , who suggested she take part in one of his upcoming films.
Upon hearing that it was a pornographic movie, Parker reportedly declined the offer. Eventually she eased into the industry by only playing bit parts in non-sexual roles. However, porn director talked her into doing her first sex scene in the 1977 film Sex World.
In the original Taboo, Parker is partnered with , who plays her son Paul Scott. In Taboo 2 she is partnered with Kevin James, a young actor who portrayed Gregory "Junior" McBride Jr., Paul's best friend. In Taboo 3 it's revealed that Parker has a younger son James Scott (Jerry Butler), who, in a darkened room, she has mistaken for Paul, her older son.
She said during her commentary for the DVD that there was definitely a mutual attraction between herself and Ranger, despite an age gap of about 10 years between them.
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