Little Oral Annie

Little Oral Annie Little Oral Annie - Date of birth: 13 January 1960
Little Oral Annie (born January 13, 1960 as Andrea Parducci) is a former porn actress who came to prominence in the 1980s. Her moniker is an ironic reference to the fictional character Little Orphan Annie. She is sometimes credited as Annie Owens or Andrea Parducci.
The busty 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m) adult actress came to fame in the wake of legend Linda Lovelace at the end of the 1970s in what came to be known as the Golden Age of Porn. Like Lovelace, she was known for her performance of oral sex, particularly deep throating. She was widely featured in the well-known Swedish Erotica series, and was part of what many consider the greatest wave of adult film performers in the medium's history. She later starred in a series of feature films highlighting her talents throughout the 1980s.
A less well-known part of her career saw her starring in a series of sexual fetish film shorts, in which Annie took both dominant and submissive roles. For the latter, Annie allowed realistic bondage (including breast bondage) and corporal punishment (spanking, flagellation). She did some sexy-wrestling and cat-fighting short-footages for various companies, such as Triumph Studios and Curtis DuPont.
Little Oral Annie Films:
1. Swedish Erotica 2 N/A
2. Little Oral Annie Rides Again N/A
3. Swedish Erotica - 5 Pack N/A
4. Susie Nero Collection N/A
5. Big Tit Legends Box Set # 3: 4 Pack N/A
6. Little Oral Annie "Blow Job Queen" N/A
7. Best Of Deep Throat N/A
8. Seka Triple Feature # 4 N/A
9. Little Oral Annie Triple Feature N/A
10. Lesbian Bras Busters Of The 1970's N/A
11. Big Tit Legends Classic Collection: Little Oral Annie N/A
12. Swedish Erotica # 102: Little Oral Annie N/A
13. Nina Hartley # 3: 4 Pack N/A
14. Little Oral Annie Trip Feat N/A
15. Taija Rae Triple Feature - 3 Pack N/A
16. Big Tits In Bondage (1975)
17. Candys Big Tit Wrestling (1978)
18. Young Head Nurses (1979)
19. Busty And Wet By Herself 3 (1980)
20. Aunt Peg Goes Hollywood (1981)
21. I Like to Watch (1982)
22. New York Vice (1984)
23. Girls That Love Girls (1984)
24. Succulent (1984)
25. Battle of the Stars 3: Stud Wars (1985)
26. Legacy Of Lust (1985)
27. Rear Action Girls 2 (1985)
28. Girls of Paradise (1986)
29. White Women (1986)
30. Debbie Goes to College (1986)
31. Sweet Summer (1986)
32. The Ultimate Thrill (1986)
33. Swedish Erotica 4 (1986)
34. Whatever Turns You On (1987)
35. Debbie: 'Class of '88'' (1988)
36. Screwdriver (1988)
37. Wacky World Of X-rated Bloopers (1989)
38. Swedish Erotica Vol. 102 (1995)