Randy Spears

Randy Spears - Date of birth: 18 June 1961
Randy Spears is a long-time porn stalwart who has enjoyed a pair of stints as a hardcore performer. A well-built and ruggedly handsome man, he's appeared in well over 600 features since his debut in the late 80s. Randy was married to fellow porner Danielle Rogers for 5 years, they separated in 1997 and divorced in 1999.Randy was born on June 18, 1961 and grew up with what he terms a typical childhood in the Midwest. He had a dream of becoming a mainstream actor which led him to move to Southern California while in his early 20s. Randy studied acting and was starting to land a few roles when the writers' strike of 1987 forced him into a new career path.
Like many actors, he struggled to find work during the strike and ended up posing for modeling shoots. At one of these shoots he met porn actress/producer Ona Zee, who asked if he was interested in adult film work. No fool, Randy jumped at the chance at a pay-for-play career. After appearing in his first hardcore flick in 1988, the phone started ringing with new job offers. Of course, the flip side to all of this is that it put an immediate end to his mainstream pursuits as 'legit' producers crossed the newly minted porn stud off their lists.
Randy's combination of swarthy good looks, decent acting chops and sex-mad approach soon made him one of the most respected studs in the biz. Among his best early features is 1988's 'Ghostess With the Mostess,' where he joined Aja in a frenzied fling. 1989's 'Queen of Hearts' found Randy in a trio of blistering boffs, including a white-hot threesome with Keisha and Britt Morgan. 1992's 'Stepsister' was another high point, with Randy taking on Savannah and P.J. Sparxx in a pair of pulse-pounding blasts.
Randy quickly became one of porn's Golden Boys, winning scads of awards for his work. He won the 1990 AVN Best Actor Award for his work in 'The Masseuse,' and took home the 1993 Supporting Actor prize for 'Haunted Nights.' He also won the XRCO Male Favorite Award for 1993. Randy and Danielle decided to leave the scene soon after the 1992 birth of their second child, feeling that the hardcore lifestyle was quickly getting to be too much for a young family to bear.
The couple moved to Philadelphia in order to get away from the drug-fueled hedonism that was fast consuming them both. Rumor has it that Randy tried his hand at a variety of odd jobs including running a gym. In the end, though, the couple returned to Southern Cali in mid-1998 in order to give hardcore another try. Randy's been in constant demand ever since, once again establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the studly realm.
Among the best work of his second stint in the biz is 'Something About Kylie,' in which he takes on stunning Jewel Valmont and cover girl Kylie Ireland in a pair of blistering back door boffs. He also shined in 'Twisted Sex Stories,' where he joined Inari Vachs and Cheyenne Silver in a heated threesome. Randy won a 2000 XRCO Best Actor Award for his work in 'Double Feature,' trysting with Serenity in a torrid fling, then joining Shanna McCullough, Jewel DeNyle and Kary Evers in a feverish three way.
Randy still likes to flex his acting muscles when he gets the chance, and has a recurring role in the hardcore soap opera 'Naked Hollywood' series. He continues to churn out scenes on a regular basis, proving once and for all that old porners never die, they just look for more Viagra. Randy Spears is arguably one of the more virile and handsome male porn actors working today.
Spears began dating Playboy model and adult actress Demi Delia in 2003 and they married on January 7, 2006 in Las Vegas.
In 2004, Spears and Demi started Spears Productions and are now making movies for Penthouse and Wicked. Randy has been an exclusive Wicked Pictures contract star since January of 2006.
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