Silvia Saint

Silvia Saint, born Silvie Tom?alová (born February 12, 1976) is a pornographic actress. In 1996, she was Pet of the Year in the Czech edition of the magazine. She has appeared in over 300 . 
Saint began as an erotic modeling, first lingerie, then nude in magazines, and finally to pornographic films. She was Penthouse Pet of the Year in 1996 (Czech edition). After her introduction to the American porn industry, she became the October 1998 (U.S. edition).
Saint's early films were shot in Europe, many for Private Media Group.  She performed in a Private Media Group space-themed pornographic film The Uranus Experiment: Part Two,  which featured a brief scene filmed in a Russian aircraft flying a parabolic track (similar to NASA's Vomit Comet). The film featured around 20 seconds of Saint and Nick Lang (who both portray astronauts living on a space station) having penetrative sex in freefall. The scene was nominated for a , but it did not win.
Saint was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at Torino Sex 2005, Turin's second annual Delta of Venus Fair.
In 2006, Saint won the rights to the Internet domain name from a cybersquatter in a Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy action. Since 2007, she has only starred and performed in , while also taking care of the auditions as director and producer to her official website