Tamara Longley

Porn star Tamara Longley, with her somewhat lanky but yet incredibly delicious and sweet sex appeal, truly is a Porn Legend of her time. As one of the most prolific Starlets of the 1980’s, Tamara Longley kept herself busy during her five years in the business heating up more than 90 scorching sex vids. She had a demure pair of wide, dazzling eyes and a somewhat mature look about her, one that landed her role after role of sexy housewife. Her debut was in the 1983 film, Unthinkable; among some of her other most sizzling appearances were her performances in Amber Lynn’s Personal Best, House of Strange Desires, and Ginger On The Rocks. She left the business in 1989, but not without leaving her lusty love mark on the industry.
Birthday: October 30, 1961
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Years Active: 1983-1989 (Started at 22 years old)
Hair color: Brown
Tattoos: small scorpion left buttock
Piercings: Website
Ethnicity: White
Alias(es): Tamara Longly, Tamara Chang, Blaire Richmond, Tamara Lingley
No. of films: 17