Vanessa D'Oro

Porn Star Vanessa D'Oro named herself after her porn idol, the legendary Vanessa Del Rio, and tried hard to make her namesake proud. She was a fiery Latina with a knockout body and the face of a fallen angel. Vanessa D'Oro's 5'3' frame was packed to overflowing with curves, from her delectably jiggly butt to her full and oh-so-ripe breasts. Her large dark brown eyes were the capper, with an hypnotically erotic smolder that was impossible to resist.
Vanessa D'Oro debuted in the porn world in 1986, and shot just over a dozen videos before abruptly retiring in late 1988. She never got the attention or success that she should have, and was relegated to strictly supporting roles. Vanessa D'Oro could steal the thunder from any sex performer, though, with her energetic and intense approach. Her best scene can be found in 1986's 'Talk Dirty To Me 4,' where she engages in a hair-raising erotic encounter with John Leslie.
Her considerable oral skills shouldn't be overlooked, though, and are featured prominently in the films 'Oral Mania' and 'Tongue N' Cheek.' Vanessa D'Oro left the business to pursue her successful strip career, but anyone who has seen her in action can tell you that this is one Latin lover whose presence is definitely missed. Vanessa D'Oro had what it takes to make it all the way to the top of the porn world, but just didn't stick around long enough to see it through.